Zurich is always a good idea. 14-16th of June 

Grüezi guys!!! 
Long time no see…..

Oh well, Zurich is always a good idea and I’ve had the best time.

This post would go on forever if I was to tell you everything we’ve done in detail. To conclude these 2 days all I can say is that it was amazing to see my friends again. Zurich is beautiful and the weather was perfect (except for the thunderstorm that drenched us the first evening).

I watched the girls of my class, ballet class, the other day. I talked for so long with my teacher and we also went to have a coffee during lunch break. Today I got invited to watch the run through of their upcoming spring performance, costume rehearsal. I loved the choreography and it was a pleasure watching.

Being back at the school was so strange. I high key wish I was still there and just thinking about how good everything could’ve been there makes me depressed. At least I’m in a dance school (soon) again and I’ll have an apartment of my own so things seem to turn out the best they could possibly be under the circumstances. Although I could do anything to get back into the school… my teacher thinks it’s a shame the directors are not taking me back in again but there’s nothing you can do to change their decision. As long as I can dance I’m happy and that I actually recovered is amazing.

I met loads of other teachers including the directors when at the school and they were all happy to see me there and that things were going great. Meeting the students was fun too.

Today we’ve been chilling outside in a park until I had to go to the main station and catch my trains to Rougemont, my family and grandparents. My family drove early this morning but since I was going to watch the performance and wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends I chose to stay and go by train instead.

I’ve had an amazing time in Zurich. I’m so happy I got to come back, it really means a lot to me and I pray to god that it won’t be this long until I see them next.

Now I’ll enjoy some days in the alps with the family, hiking and so on. Stay tuned for some photo spamming!!

Loads of love!! Xo


Ugly outfits, late mornings & no schedule to keep up with…

Aka– 1 sentence that describes the way I act when being at my summer house, on the country side. Ugly outfits? Because literally no one sees you. Late mornings? Because no schedules to follow.

New flash! Today I, me Moa Andreasson, slept all night until 9.30 in the morning. I was so surprised when looking at the time on my phone, next to the bed, & saw how it didn’t show something between six or seven, but nine. Absolutely unbelievable. I always, no matter what, wake up early- but not this time- it was a good feeling though.

As I am sure you all already know, I am currently not in any school- I will be after Christmas though (so no worries, I haven’t skipped the whole education thing in life). Instead, I am now only focusing on healing my back: working out everyday, doing physio & strengthening my body. I’ve also put a big focus on what I eat & feed my body with- it is after all the most important in life: what keeps you alive. I have definitely cut down on the amount of sugar & candy I used to eat everyday. Not because it would make me fat, since my body rather loosed weight than gaining, but because it’s not healthy. That happened quite unconsciously, due to the fact that the candy in India isn’t good. Nowadays, I barely have any cravings for candy or such sweet things- which is good. I do also think about getting all the right nutrition in to my body. Carbs, fat, vitamins, proteins & so on. I eat scramble egg every morning (lots of proteins), with two avocado sandwiches (fat+carbs). Of course I do eat some cookies, cakes & candies every once in awhile, but definitely not as much as before. I am also trying to put on some weight- to get healthier and stronger as well. Love food!

After this mornings, healthy ;), breakfast, I did a quick workout & then head to the dentist with my grandma. They gently fixed the little gap between my teeth: my two top front teeth have always had a gap between each other. I got this filled up, to look like it wasn’t there (because I literally hated it), some months ago. Lately it started to come off a little. Not very visibly, but it was a good thing to get it fixed anyways. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, I took a walk with grandma & later swam in their jacuzzi. Loved it! 

I have no specific plans for tomorrow. On Wednesday, I am flying up to Stockholm (can’t wait!) to stay from Wednesday until Saturday lunch at a boarding school there. Which is where I will begin (if it feels alright) next semester, after the winter break. Then I will be in Stockholm from the 19th until 24th, which is when my dad & I are flying to Dubai. A whole lot of traveling… That’s something I really love though.  

Stay beautiful!

1 day 3 cities 

Switzerland Zurich. Denmark Copenhagen. Sweden Lund. 3 cities in 1 day. Good thing I love traveling as much as I do. 

I didn’t wake up too early this morning. Around seven maybe. I realised the second I opened my eyes that the cold I got the other day has really hit me hard. Completely blocked nose, heavy head & a burning throat. Not too fun. Mom, my sister & I had quite a relaxing morning though. Cozy breakfast, some packing after getting ready & then we were good to go. We got to the airport at 10 am. Met up with my grandparents 15 minutes later & were boarding the place two hours after that. I kissed goodbye to my sister & my mom as they were heading to another gate, to go back to Delhi (Pollution time!), while I fly to Sweden with my grandparents.

It wasn’t as funny to come to Sweden, as I thought it would be. I went in to the supermarket, Ica, & heard a bunch of people talking Swedish. First I was like; “Wait, they are Swedish, that’s cool!” Some seconds later, and I realised “Oh right, I’m in Sweden. Everyone is Swedish you stupid human being.” I accidentally walked in to a person and said “I’m so sorry”– in English. Like what? I wasn’t too thrilled seeing the candy and all the delicious Swedish food either. Weird… I even found myself trying to revert the prices into a different currency, before I realized this is actually the swedish krona. Stupid me.

Here comes some nice moments from this weekend.


I am currently in the south of Sweden, in the city where I was born in: Lund. The flight to Denmark from Zurich took 1.5 hours & then it was only a 30 minutes drive until we got here. It’s such a cozy place & I absolutely love my grandparents’ apartment. I stay in a room of my own & will sleep here two night before I spend the weekend with one of my best friends. I miss her lots! 

My grandma and I made a really good dinner: salmon & pasta with hollandais sauce and carrots & avocados. Healthy & really tasty. This is a typical dish that we always eat in Sweden. It was so delicious! 

I spent the whole evening talking to a close friend of mine. We talked for over 2 hours and it literally felt like 2 minutes. I also went out for a 40 min walk during that time. I’ve missed the feeling of being free & being able to go wherever, whenever. It’s so weird to be in Sweden again, after so many months abroad…

Tomorrow I’ll visit a big shopping mall here, Emporia. I can’t wait!

I hope your day was a good one. I also hope that I will get rid of this annoying cold as soon as possible. I can’t workout when I’m not even able to breath! Well, well… At least my back pain is so much better and when this cold is gone, I will work harder than ever before! 

“Keep your heals, head & standards high” 

Good evening everyone! My last evening in Zurich for quite sometime is soon about to end… I have had a great time & I am already missing my friends lots. 

Today has been a real shopping day with my mom & Tuva- youngest little sister. Makeup, clothes, accessories, food & so it goes on.
I bought a highlighter from Mac, at Manor. In the colour soft & gentle. Such a pretty beauty product & an amazing highlighter (which will forever & always remind me of you, George). I also bought a new Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation, since my other one was finished since long ago & you can’t get it in Sweden nor India. At Tally Weijl, I bought a set with a black chocker & a ring. I also got myself a black scarf, to be fully prepared for the cold winter in Stockholm. As if I’m not already freezing to death here in Zurich…

Mom, Tuva & I had a cozy lunch at Manor, between doing a lot of shopping. We also bought some clothes, but those will be Christmas presents so I won’t tell you anything about them now.

In the later afternoon, I met with “my ballet teacher” which I had at Tanz Akademie Zurich. We talked for around 1.5 hours & it was really nice meeting her. I then quickly went in to a Migros & I grabbed some kind of dinner, before heading to the boarding house- where I met with my friends. We spent the evening together. ❤

Tomorrow I am flying to Denmark, then I’ll drive from there to south of Sweden, with my grandparents who also are in Switzerland now. All while mom & Tuva are heading back to Delhi. I’ll spend the Thursday with my grandma & then the weekend, including Friday, at my best friend’s house. I cannot wait to see her again! And I cannot wait to visit Sweden after so many months abroad!

I hope you all have had a good day. Mine was great but I am not the happiest leaving my friends for however long time it will be. I am sure we will keep in good touch though. I love you guys! 

❤ ❤ ❤

Good night, sleep tight! 

Cozy hotel & ballet feels 

Good evening everyone! 

I am right now in bed, in a hotel, relaxing after a tough workout. The hotel is situated right behind the opera house in Zurich. It is so pretty & I have to say that this is one of the better hotels I’ve ever stayed at, and I’ve been to endlessly many hotels. 

Today I had breakfast with the people at the boarding house. I then took quite some time getting ready, putting on clothes, doing my makeup & such things, before I went out. I picked the tram near the internat, to a big Starbucks at the Central station, where I drank a delicious hot chocolate. After my cozy Starbucks visit, in the absolutely freezing weather, I head to school to watch the girls’ ballet class. I also talked a lot to my teacher, who wanted to discuss some things with me. 

It was really interesting watching the ballet class. The exercises have improved a lot & I can see how the girls have gotten more & less better in their work. One month of hard work does make a difference. My teacher and I had a great conversation before & after the class. She’s so nice & I will meet her over a cup of tea, with my mom & sister, tomorrow afternoon. 

After watching the ballet class, I went to Migros to buy some food (salad, coffee, crackers & waffles, loveee food). In the later afternoon I met my mom & little sister at the main station. Before going to the hotel, we went to the boarding house to take my very last things with me. 

I am spending the evening with my friends tomorrow. I literally already miss them ❤ 

I hope the first day of the new week has been all good, take care! 

Fall: Tumblr mood on

In love with fall, as if I haven’t mentioned that before…

Good evening everyone!! 
If you haven’t breathed the air in Delhi, you cannot understand the thankfulness I feel for being in Switzerland & breathing this clean air. It doesn’t hurt my throat, it is not like smoking 40 cigarettes a day, it doesn’t dry out my contacts & it does not smell weird. The air in Delhi is so bad right now, horrible. They are closing all the schools for 3 days. Putting water on the streets, to make the dust go away. Shutting down all construction places. No burning of the garbage. I hope for my life that this will help. 

Nevertheless, my day today has been just great. I am so happy to be back here, I cannot believe it after all. Tomorrow I will watch the ballet class of the girls in “my class”. The teacher wants to talk to me as well, she’s really kind & I look forward to see her.

After having brunch this morning & spending time in the boarding house, Catarina & I went out for quite some hours. Buying Starbucks (they already have their Christmas editions), taking cute fall photos & just talking. It was freezing but we had such a great time. I spent the rest of the day hanging out with other friends as well.

My mom & Tuva is coming back to Zurich tomorrow. We will have to go to Medbase to fix some insurance stuff & then we will spend the afternoon together. I’ll go back to the boarding house in the evening, to sleep here one more night. The others finish at 7 o’clock, so I don’t have to be there until quite late.

It’s so funny how it’s really fall here in Zurich right now. I’m leaving for Sweden on Wednesday, where apparently there’s a winter wonderland. Then I’m later going to Dubai: to real summer & heat. Traveling through many different seasons, am I not? Some weeks later, and I go back to Delhi: pollution time again! 

I hope you all had a great weekend, I certainly did. I wish you a good start of another new week, good night! ❤

Fresh air, fall weather & happy reunions 

Fresh air. Leafs falling wherever you look. Cold wind blowing your hair. I am in Zurich guys! I can breath! I couldn’t be more happy to travel to a country with good air at the moment. The pollution in Delhi is only getting worse & I am absolutely in love with the fall weather Switzerland. Yo u don’t understand the privilege of breathing clean air until you’ve been to Delhi. Right Delhi friends…? 

The 8 hours flight from Delhi to Zurich went all right, we had no specific problems- except keeping our eyes open when waiting to board the plane. I slept more or less throughout the whole flint, only waking up to have some breakfast when it was two hours until landing. At the airport we got our luggages after many minutes of waiting, I then went in to the restrooms where I did my makeup & freshened up a bit. Mom, Tuva & I kissed goodbye as they were heading to catch another train, to go to my grandparents who have two houses in Rougemont, while I made my way to the boarding house. I did recharge my data on my phone as well, that’s an necessity! For all my friends; Until Wednesday you can’t only reach me through my swiss number…

I got to the boarding house a little after 9 o’clock in the morning. After having some snack I put on my winter clothes & head to the school. It was a really happy reunion with my friends. I love them too much! 

I had a great afternoon with George & in the evening we all went out to a party at a friend’s house. I wasn’t out till very late though. I’m not too jet lagged but the lack of sleep from the past days had made me so tired.

I hope you all had a great Saturday night. I am so happy to be back & reunited with my friends again. It almost feels as if I never really left. One month went by rather fast. Take care!