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Hello everyone!

My name is Moa Andreasson, I am a 16 years old ballerina, born 2000, from Sweden. This August I moved to Swizterland, to attend nd the Tanz Akademie Zurich, to dance on a professional level to get closer to reaching my dreams and goals: to one day become a soloist or principal in a well known company.

While I was heading to Switzerland, my family on the other hand, was moving to India. This was due to an job offer, on my dad's side of the work. It is for a 2 years period of time, but might as well be longer. We are hoping to continue moving, to other countries l, after India.

After a few weeks in Zurich, an old back injury started to show again. I continued to dance fully, the pain got worse & worse. I could barely walk properly. I was then told I have a stress fracture in the spine, something called sondylolysis. They told me that this will not heal & 'you cannot be a dancer with this type of injury'. You would kill yourself. I packed my things & went back to India, to my family. From several doctors I later got the information, that what I was told, was totally wrong: this can heal, but takes 3-6 months. I am willing to take this time to heal my body again, to get strong and healthy, to one day be dancing in a company. I will do it. I have to do it. I need to dance.

Months later, I got the extremely happy news that my back is healed again. I am now living in a boarding school in Stockholm, focusing on building my body strong again to become better than ever. After summer, I will go back to the ballet school in Stockholm.

In this blog I'll write about my everyday life, which may differ very much compared to any other teenage girl in my age, with mainly  focus on the ballet. Moving away at the age of 16 to Swizterland while the rest of the family moves to India, and then getting a fracture in the spine; are probably not the most common things to do, therefore I hope you will find this blog interesting.

You might recognise me from Instagram, @moa.andreasson. My ballet account has a bit more than 12K followers and it's totally dedicated to ballet, which is more or less more of what my life consists of.



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hej, Moa! I am also in Zรผrich!

    If you have any film tips for movies about ballet other than Black Swan, please let me know. I am film crazy!

    Many thanks and all the best following your dreams.


  2. I came upon your blog while researching spondylolysis for my daughter, Abby. She is 13 and also a ballerina and a competitive dancer. She was just diagnosed in early October 2016 with a bilateral pars defect – spondylolysis. Her orthopedic specialist advised her to wear a back brace, stop dance and go to physical therapy twice a week for the next 3 months. So far, after a month, she hasn’t seen any improvements in her back pain.

    Your blog postings are so relateable – it is such a difficult diagnosis – not knowing if she will be able to dance again. Although the doctors and research indicate this is a fairly common injury to dancers, we don’t know anyone else who has had this happen to them. So its hard to know if many dancers get past this to continue dancing.

    Good luck with your recovery! We wish you the best and keep posting your progress and giving others hope!



    1. Hello, I am sorry to hear that your daughter has the same injury as I do. I really do hope she will fully recover. If you have any questions regarding this, please write me! Take care Xโค๏ธ


      1. Glad your back pain has gotten better. Abby’s kept getting progressively worse, and the only thing to relieve it was laying down. After three months of resting, bracing and physical therapy – she wanted to try the pars defect repair surgery. She just had it done Thursday and is back home from the hospital today. They put two screws in her vertebrae and reinforced it with bone grafts and growth hormone. The goal is that the bones will heal back together and the pars defect will be healed. We can let you know her progress if you are interested. There have been very good results reported using this type of surgery in adolescents. Take care!


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