Food coma, is that you?

Good evening everyone!!

Currently dying in the sofa, watching House of cards… I’m so tired and (a tad) hungover. Today’s been spent eating and making friends, and more eating ;).

I went out with a bunch of friends yesterday and we had such a fun night. Although I got home in the early morning, I still found myself waking up around eight.. Whyyy???

In the morning I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for a bit, then I swam a kilometre in the pool. Swimming is such a great activity for your overall body. I’ve worked out really hard yesterday and the day before so I thought I’d take two days ‘off’, staying active but not doing the usual strengthening. Variety is key! I’ll most likely also schedule some physio sessions for the end of the week. Physio is always a good idea :).

After swimming I got ready and me and my family drove to the popular Leela hotel. Saying their brunch is amazing is an understatement. Since we’ve been in Delhi for a while and are experienced with how things work around here, we’ve chosen to become link family to new expats families arriving. Today we gathered everyone for some brunching. They were all so nice and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we had such a great time.

When we had been eating for ages, we were invited to one of the families’ house. They just moved here and they live in an incredible farm house, their tiny little golden retriever puppy is the CUTEST, not to mention the cat.

Tomorrow will be a chill day by the pool, the rest of the family will be in Delhi at the school- there’s some (not mandatory) mela you can attend.

I hope you’ve all had a good day, I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Reunited with my love

Namaste everyoneπŸ™πŸΌ

We are FINALLY back in Delhi, happier than EVER. The apartment looks so nice, the weather is humid but hot- aka heaven compared to Sweden’s grey and cold weather – and the best of all: I am reunited with my cat. ❀

We landed in the early morning, going through immigration office went pretty quick and we didn’t even have to wait for our luggage. When we were home and settled in we all went to bed and slept for about three hours.

I’m pretty jet lagged to say the least but so happy to finally be back in Delhi again. I can’t believe we arrived to India TODAY?! It feels like we’ve been here for at least two days: perks of overnight flights..? The rest of the day has been very chill, I unpacked for awhile and then I hit the gym. I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes, whilst listening to my favourite Swedish podcast Fredagspodden. Then I did some random core exercises and worked a bit on my arms before going back up to the apartment.

My family just came back from taking a dip in the pool and we’ll now watch a movie before going to bed.

Hope you guys are well,

A typical workout

Finally! The awaited workout blogpost. Enjoy!


What do I do for a typical workout of mine?
Well, what’s for certain is that this depends: what day it is, timings, what I’ve done previous days and so forth.

Anyhow, this is an average workout I did the other day:

I ran from work which is about 3km as for my warmup. Then I used my foam roller to loosen up tensed areas, especially my legs. Then it was time for some plank: I did a set of planks for 10 minutes nonstop. I started with 3 minutes center plank, on both arms, then I did 2 minutes to the right, 2 minutes to the left followed by another minute of center plank, without stopping I did 2 last minutes of twist in push up postion- adversing each hip touching the ground.

After planks I went straight into a long set of core and back exercises:
β€’ 50 crunches on the Pilates ball
β€’ 20 small back lifts for the upper back on the ball followed by 15 bigger ones
β€’ 20 leg drops with 1kg weights on each ankle, arms holding onto the sofa
β€’ This is a tricky one: put your feet on the Pilates ball and go into the push up position, engage your abdominals and pull up your upper body to get the pelvis in line with your arms, like a handstand with the feet still on the ball. 5 pull ups like that followed by 2 push ups in between- repeat 3 times without stopping.
I did this set 3 times.

Then I did 16 front lunges and 20 lunges to the side, turned out.

My second set was as follows:
β€’ 30 frog lifts on the tummy, heels together, followed by 15 with the right foot crossed with the left one and 15 with the opposite crossing.
β€’ Glutes: lay on your side with both legs bent, open your top leg to the side- as much as you can: 30 times on each leg.
β€’ Push up position on the ball: carefully lift each leg 10 times.
I only did this set twice as it’s quite intense- your legs will be burning that’s for sure.

With weights (1kg/foot) on my ankles I did another set but on the foam roller:
β€’ 10 dips on the floor with each foot pointed, keeping the legs in a 90 degrees angle. 10 with flexed feet.
β€’ 10 ‘biking’ slow with control + 10 faster.
β€’ Sitting on the foam roller, not straight but with the core engaged, belly button attached to the spine. With 1.5 kg weights in both of my hands I went from 1st to 2nd position 8 times, then from 2nd to 3rd 8 times as well.
This set was repeated 2 times.

Keeping the weights on my ankles, I did 50+50 relevΓ©s in parallel. The first 50 with accent up and slow down, the second half going up slow and with the accent down.

After these exercises I did a floorbarre on the Pilates ball. I can’t remember exactly what I did that day, whether I was wearing weights or not. I always start with bridges though. 10+10 with parallel feet, first half rolling through the spine and the second half just keeping he back straight (nice & strong of course!). Then I stay up and stretch my legs, bend, stretch bend- you get the drill, 10 times. Then I do this in a position that’s not completely 180 turned out nor parallel but something in between. Lastly, I do a few bridges as turned out and opened as possible.

Then I do single leg bridges with stretched legs, 10 on each leg. I also do tendues: front and side. Demi ronde, grand ronde, fondue, rond de jambe en l’air and grand battement.

I alway finish my workouts with some stretching, feet, splits, leg in the hand and so on. Depending on how I feel I may also do feet exercises with a theraband and different arm workouts with the band. Some days of the week I put on my pointe shoes and do relevΓ©s.

This was it! My average time for a workout I would estimate to be around 1.5 hours. Sometimes I only do an hour and sometimes 3 hours. If I’ve done a longer workout one day, I usually keep it shorter the next day. If I’m sore anywhere I focus on working other body parts instead. My top priority is always core and abs!

Remember to drink plenty of water after a workout and fuel your body with the right nutrients: either snacks or a bigger meal depending on what time it is. My favourite snacks are nuts, apples, nectarines, carrots (with peanut butter hehe), porridge with fibre oats topped with berries.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading more in depths what I do for workout. Feel free to comment any questions down below if something’s unclear,

Take care and keeping working HARD!! Xoxo

Bye Sweden, hello India!

Hello from Stockholm Arlanda airport!!

I am SO sorry for the lack of updates these past few days. I've been busy with work & packing, on top of that we ran out of wifi which resulted in 0 blogposts and no workout post as promised… sorry!

I landed in Stockholm about an hour ago, I received my luggage, checked in, went through security and got some lunch at Starbucks. I also bought the book 'I am pilgrim', which I'm really excited to read. I've just finished my food and will start reading the book after my episode of house of cards is finished. Since I've pretty much finished watching Prison break I thought why not start another series? House of cards has been on my list for awhile and I've heard it's good, hopefully that's true. Have you watched it?

My plane departures in two hours and the flight to Helsinki is only less than an hour, pretty convenient. My family is flying from Denmark so I'll meet them in Helsinki and we'll be on the last flight together.

I didn't feel sad about leaving grey and rainy Skåne and although Stockholm is bright and sunny,- I can't wait to leave Sweden. I am so excited to come back to Delhi after many months away.

Wish me a Bon voyage and I'll see you guys soon, take care!! ✈️

Luckiest day ever? Theme park fun!

Hey guys!!

Today's been such a good day; spent at the theme park Liseberg, in Gothenburg.

After my work was finished, we got ready and left our house around lunch time. 2 hours later and we were in Gothenburg. Among trying out loads of fun attractions, going in to the haunted house and eating such good food, nothing beats the fact that we managed to win not one but FIVE times in the lotteries. I think our candy will last a life time… happy family!!

It's almost 10 pm, and we're heading back to south of Sweden again. Exhausted but extremely content.

What have you guys been up to? Whatever it is, I hope it's been great. Try to enjoy the last days/ weeks of summer as much as you can, before going back in to the stressful life in school or at work.

Tomorrow, I'll be writing a blogpost describing what a typical workout, for me, looks like. Stay tuned for that!

Take care!!