Goodbye Zingo

Waving goodbye to our cute, beloved little dog, was such a hard thing to do. Everyone has been really sad over this, and we will miss him extremely much. Even though I am absolutely sure he will have a great life with our friends, my heart still hurts when I realize that he won’t live with us anymore… We will forever and always love you Zingo

Other than that, this day was good. Perfect weather and great company. Our friends left our house around afternoon. After dinner, me and my family drove to our grandparents house, to swim in the pool. When we got home again, we had a cozy moment eating homemade ice cream, all together in the sofa, outside the house. My little sister made the ice cream earlier today, it was strawberry sorbet, super yummy!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to be sailing in the afternoon and in the evening, it will be a little birthday party for me, my birthday is on Friday, the 29th of July. We won’t have any time to celebrate it at that day, due to the fact that the day will be spend in an airplane.

Good night!

Auditions: practical tips

Auditions can be both pretty tuff, nerve wrecking and horrible but in the same time also very fun, exiting and enjoyable. Which leotard should I wear? How much makeup? Which pointe shoes? And so the questions go on. I would say that the experience itself, answers all these questions, but today I will try to explain such things for you.

When doing an audition, you have to not only look comfortable, but also feel comfortable. One of the many key to this, is to wear a leotard who you personally feel like it looks the best on you. For me, I always prefer black leotards over anything. Whenever I am auditoing I wear a black one. Mainly because they fit me better than the others I have and I just think black looks the best on me. If you feel the most comfortable in a blueish one, wear it! Or in a pink, purple, grey or any other, whatever you like the best and feel will boost your self confidence a bit more.

I am a kind of person that uses makeup. Summer is different, because then you are tanned and swim a lot- no use for makeup during that time, but apart from that season, I usually always wear makeup. My favorite part of the makeup, is planning and doing my eyeshadow. When auditioning, I tend to use a bit of eyeshadow along with the other makeup: foundation, eyebrows, mascara. It shows my eyes better and gives me a bit more self confidence, which is important when you want to do your best. I don’t say that you have to wear makeup, but I personally prefer wearing it, especially when I am doing a audition. In my opinion, I don’t think it should be too much. Keep it light, simple, classy, and it will look great!

Pointe shoes? Which ones? This really depends on what kind of audition you are doing, and also how much pointe work the class will include. When I audition, I like to wear a pair of shoes that are average soft. Rather a bit more soft than hard, but no where near a pair of shoes that are almost dead. Once again, wear the ones you feel the most comfortable with. If you know beforehand, that the audition will include lots of pointe work, wear a pair that you know will last. I really wouldn’t advise you to wear a pair that’s totally new- you have to break it in some classes before you will audition. A great tip is to, when you buy new shoes, get two pairs. Prepare them both at the same time. Start wearing the first pair. After some classes (how many depends on what type of foot you have), when the shoes are really broken in, feel very comfortable and great on your foot- put them aside. Save them until your next audition and start using the second pair of shoes instead. Doing it this way, means that you will be sure to have a great pair of shoes when it is time for your audition.

How to prepare the day before? This will sound like a typical copycat answer: go to bed early, to get enough sleep. But it is actually true. I would advise you to get the routines of a good night sleep at least three days before the actual audition. In case you are too nervous and don’t sleep well the night right before the audition: you have at least been on good routines the days before. Try also to eat healthy, not in the meaning of trying to loose weight and cut down on any food. But to erase the fast food, if you tend to eat a lot of that, and fuel your body with vitamins and the right nutritions. Why? Be cause fast food and other unhealthy things contains a lot of empty calories. Your body needs the right food to present itself at the best.

I always bring snack with me, while auditioning. To give my body energy to make myself perform the best. Some sort of bars are a great snack, fruits or sandwiches. Do not forget to bring some water- but don’t ever drink too much before the audition.

These were my top practical tips, to think about, before you are doing an audition. I really hope you learned something, and of course enjoyed reading it! I wish you the best of luck for any future auditions you may do, good luck!



My number one hair product

Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the water is peacefully blue, there is no wind and the weather is beautiful. This can not be anything, but a really good day.

I want to start out this lovely Sunday morning, with a little tip for you guys. When we were in town the other day, I bought this Revlon UniqONE, all in one hair treatment. I recently ran out of my old bottle, and I love it so much that I had to repurchase it. Since my hair is naturally curly, and I don’t brush it very often, it can get very tangly. To prevent all these tangles, I always put on a bit of this, when my hair is damp, after I’ve washed it. It works wonders! My hair get a lot more smother, silkier and much less frizzier. I recommend it to everyone, needing something to put in your hair after washing it. The price is rather low and it is not expensive at all, such a great product!

Right now it is 10.15, in the morning, here in Sweden. I woke up around 7, and stayed in bed for like two hours. I was checking social media, youtube, writing a few upcoming blog posts and just socializing on my phone. The others in my family got up at 9, I decided to leave bed that time and started to make my breakfast. I ate out in the sun, while cuddling with my dog. I have been cleaning and packing until now.

We have a few plans for today. Our friends will come to our house around lunch time, we will have lunch & spend the afternoon together. They will not only come to meet us, but also to pick up our dog, Zingo. Zingo will from now on live at their house, he wouldn’t have a life as good in India, as here in Sweden. I am sure he will love his new family and they will take good care of him.

I have to finish cleaning now, and do my workout. Yesterday I did 200 sit-ups, as well as lots of other core exercises. My focus was to really work with my whole body. The core exercises were followed by turnout, back, insides, arms, legs and feet exercises. Then I stretched a lot and worked on lifting my legs higher, when dancing. The workout felt good and I am planning on doing kind of the same thing, today.

Have a great day! (Night, morning or afternoon, depending on wherever you are!)

Boat day!

First of all, I just want to say sorry. I am sorry that the updates on the blog haven’t been the best, I have only been posting 1 post a day and not so much regarding dance and ballet. I have some upcoming plans for future post, especially about dance and training, but sometimes it is hard to always keep up a good blog update, while you are working & trying to start packing for moving to not only one, but two countries at the same time.

Anyway, today was my very last day of work, for this summer. That day would have been last week, but someone was sick and could not work, since I was free anyway, I jumped in for her. This meant that I woke up 6.45 this morning. I took my bike to the pool and was there a bit before eight. The work finished before lunch and I got home around 11.

My family and I ate a quick lunch, and then took a boat trip in the sea, for a bit of swimming and adventuring. We were on the sea for about two hours. We had lots of good snack with us and it was such a nice little trip. The south of Sweden is so beautiful and one thing that is even better: the nice and hot weather has made the water very warm. We dived from the boat and swam a lot. It was so much fun! Even our dog followed, and he loves to swim. He is a super fast swimmer but also super cute, while swimming (or I mean, he is always super cute). When we got home, I did my workout for like almost 2 hours and then had a great time out in the sun, reading.

Our dinner today was so delicious but yet so simple, I could not resist to take a photo of it. It consisted of grilled chicken with a salad made of beetroots, goat cheese & walnuts. Yummy!

The evening was spent packing, both for Zurich and India. I regret ever thinking that it was hard to pack for a holiday, that will last for approximately 2 weeks- packing for moving to two places at the same time, is for sure a hard cookie. Especially when I won’t even visit Sweden for a year…

Around half past eight, my family and I, together with the dog, took our bikes down to the harbor and the sea. We had a cozy time swimming, all together, including the dog- of course. The sky was absolutely beautiful, none of us had our phones with us, which meant that I couldn’t take a photo of it. At least we for sure photographed the great evening in our minds, you do not easily forget moments like this. Sometimes I think it’s good to not always bring your phone with you, wherever you go.

My cat is cuddling in my lap, my mom is reading next to me and my dog is sleeping in the sofa, opposite to us, right next to dad, who is also reading. With other words, this day is ending very well. I will soon go to sleep.

Everyday I wake up, means one day closer till we move: countdown; 5 days…

Good night! 


A visit to the city

My day begun with work. The weather was absolutely beautiful, clear blue sky & very sunny. We hadn’t much to do, counting laps, practicing breaststroke, backstroke, diving and overall swimming. At least we got some great tan, from being out in the sun, swimming, the whole morning.

After lunch, which was pasta salad, me and me family spent some time hanging around in the yard of our country house. I sewed a few pointe shoes, read and just relaxed in the sun. Loving the nice weather! We decided to go to the beach after a few hours, and then we drove in to the city.

Our mission was to buy a cage, for our cat. We were in need of a cage which is allowed on airplanes. Then we bought sandals to my siblings and after that we went for dinner. We ate at a steakhouse and it was very delicious. We also had some ice cream. When the dinner was finished, we drove back again & were home around 9.

The sun was extremely pretty and me and my little sister had a little photo shoot. We took photos in the new dance wear I received from Sonata dance wear. I will post the photos on the blog tomorrow!

Right now, we are watching athletics on the TV, but will soon go to bed. I am tired from going to bed late and waking up early for work.

Good night!

5 tips for stretching

These are my number 5 priority things, to think about when stretching.

1. Do it at least 30 minutes a day to see results. If you want to achieve something, you can’t just do it once a week and expect results. You have to do a little every day and you will see a difference in no time!

2. Stretching is not the most comfortable thing to do in the beginning, it can be slightly painful. To make the pain go away, you could do things while your stretching. Watching TV, checking Instagram, reading, studying- whatever you like. When you start stretching, your body is most likely not used to be bent in those positions, with other words, you are not so flexible. It means that it can be a bit hurtful at first; which of course will go away in the meantime. This is what I mean with “painful”. You still have to be very careful and listen to your body. It should not be too painful and make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

3. Always warm up before you start stretching. You will get better results if you are warm. On a daily basis, I always start doing my strengthening exercises first and then the stretching part. Doing it this order, makes my body warm when I start to stretch. It increases blood flow to your muscles and makes them more flexible. It will be easier to get more flexible, faster.

4. Increase the time you are holding the stretches, once you get comfortable doing them. You can start by doing it for 30 seconds, 1 minute and then, after awhile, you can even hold it for 2 minutes.

5. Start by trying to manage the splits. You have to start somewhere, right? Side and front split are great to be able to do, especially as a ballerina. It makes it easier to lift your legs and increases the turnout in the hip.

I hope you found these five tips helpful, if you have any questions- don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me through Instagram. Good luck with your strecthing!

Sun lovin’

My morning started with a nice walk with my little brother and the dog. Of course the Pokemon Go app was on in the background and we actually found a few pokemons.

After the walk, I did my workout. Then me and my little brother brought a bit of snack and went to the harbour. We had some great quality time there, swimming, listening to music and just talking. The sea was absolutely beautiful and so nice to swim in. It was very sunny and hot.
We had lunch with our cousins and then I went to our grandparents. I spent the rest of the afternoon there, swimming in the pool and tanning- the best things to do in the summer. I also went to pick up a package at the supermarket, you can read more about that in the blog post below.
Right now I am watching a movie with my sister and our cousin. We are sleeping at their house tonight. Cozy!

Good night!