Surgery and foot update

I cannot believe it is already 4 pm right now! Neither can i believe that I am onto week 7, post surgery. Like what? Where have all those weeks gone? Anyways… Here’s an post surgery update! 

On a scale of 1-10 how it feels in my foot, where 1 is not good at all, and 10 is exactly like before but without the pain from the bone: I would say I am a 9.

I am finally touching the floor again, when pointing the foot- which you can see in the photos. Progress right? I can feel something when I point my foot at the max, I wouldn’t define it as pain, but maybe because the movement itself is quite unusual? It is no where near how I felt before surgery though- and I am SO thankful for that.

Today I worked in the gym for an hour and a half. I started running for 20 minutes, I tried running the first time yesterday and took it a bit easy then. When I realized my foot luckily didn’t take any damage from running, I ran much longer today. It was such a great feeling! High music in my ears, great view out over the huge town and overall a great gym to workout in. Love it!

I have also started to jump now. Mainly with both feet but also a bit on one and another. I am doing lots of relevés everyday, I can even do it with only my surgery foot, on one leg,- with no help from the other one. Theraband exercises are also in my daily foot rehab.

Today, I started a bit with pointe shoes. That was such a great feeling! I put them on after my workout. I tried parallel and turned out relevés on both feet, even a few on only one foot. My foot seemed to manage it totally fine! I am so happy over that! It did not get swollen afterwards and neither did it feel more painful. That is really super great. From now on, I will increase the amount of pointe work, a little everyday.

The scar definitely looks great, too. As you can see in the photos above. It is a little mini bit swollen just around the scar area. But I have been told it will probably be like this up to 3-4 months after surgery. Since it doesn’t make something more bad, the little swollen part does not matter at all. You can’t even tell it by the camera.

The earliest to be fully recovered, is 8 weeks. I think I would define myself as recovered next week, everything is improving rather rapidly at least! I can jump, turns, do pointe and so on.

I will let you know how everything goes! 




Workout exercises

Today, around lunch time, I went down to the gym where I did my workout. In this post, I will try to explain a bit what kind of exercises I did. I hope it might give you some inspiration or ideas, for your future workouts. There will be two types of workouts. The first one is a long one, duration one hour- but can be a lot longer too, I usually always do this one, everyday. The second one is for when I do not have so much time, or when I am tired.

Remember, in these workouts I have written examples of exercises, by that I mean that these are of course the ones I do: but sometimes I vary the type of exercises- which means that I do the same each and everyday, if it makes sense.

Workout number 1: 

I start with 5 minutes on the cross trainer, to get my legs working and to warm up my muscles a bit. Then I run for 5 minutes, taking it quite easy since I recently did the foot surgery. These two things are very optional and not necessary for my daily workout, I only do this whenever I have access to a gym, with such machines. Then I do core exercises. Either I start with 8 minutes plank, 2 minutes center, 2 each side and then 2 min center again (2+2+2+2=8), and after that I do 100 sit ups. Or I only do 300 straight sit ups, without the plank. After either of these, I do “half slow sit ups”,  I stay in the middle, where you have to work the most with your core, and go a bit up, still not straight, and then down- but not touching the floor. I do those between 10-20 times.

After doing that, I do some slow sit ups, going all the way up and down. I then lift up my legs to a 90 degrees angle, bent legs, and twist my body, from side to side. Either with a weight in my hands or without. I do 100 of these, which are called Russian twists. Then I use a foam roller. I lay on the roller with my back, stomach facing up, arms stretched out to the sides, on the floor. I keep my legs in a 90 degrees angle, both bent, and in that position I do “dips” with my legs. One foot after another touching the floor, then going back to the original position (90 degrees). I do around 10-20 of these, you can also increasing the workout by flexing your feet.

I follow up these exercises by doing either 30 or 50 side lifts, to each side. Then I move on to the turnout exercises. Today I started with the stomach on the floor, back facing up, and legs in second position, flexed feet. I did 20 lifts in that position, then 15 circles en dehors and 15 en dedans. After that, I did 20 frog lifts, 10 small and 10 bigger. I then placed my legs in first, feet flexed and in a 180 degrees turned out position. I lifted each foot 10 times, always kept my foot in a 180 rotation. Then I did some weight lifts with my arms and worked on my port des bras. I continued with a few more turnout exercises, laying on the side, but those are too hard to explain by only text. Then I did 15 big back lifts, 15 smaller and then went all the way up in a big back lift, and did a few port des bras. I also did grand battements on the floor, to the side and to the front.

I then turned around, back layed on the ground and stomach faced up the ceiling. I put my legs in a 90 degrees position, flexed my feet in first position. Then I turned in, turned out- repeat 10 times. After those, I placed one feet in front of the other, in a fifth, and did 10 beats like that. You can feel your insides and turnout muscles very much, if you really keep the feet flat in a 180 degrees turnout, when doing this.

After all these exercises,  I started stretching. Splits, over splits, frog, ‘leg in the hand’ stretch- front and back, hamstrings and so on. I did a bit of class and then my foot rehab. Releves and theraband and so on.

Workout number 2:

This is when I do not have much time. Start with 100-300 sit-ups. 30 side lifts each side. A short sequence of turnout exercises and insides. Stretch. That’s it! It usually takes around 20 minutes.

I hope this wasn’t too messy and may have given you some tips for future workouts.

Good luck with your training!

Cozy day with sick siblings

This day has been a very calm day– there are not many things to do when your siblings are too sick to go outside the hotel room. They are feeling quite well, but still very tired and exhausted. I have finished reading my book, we have been playing cards and watched movies. Me and my little sister Tuva, who is not sick either, went down to the pool for one hour, in the afternoon.

As my siblings didn’t have any energy to be able to go anywhere for lunch, we ordered food by room service. Quite appreciated sometimes. We all ate dosa and lassi- typical indian food. Dosa only consists of rice and lentils- it is a thin leaf pancake. It sounds super disgusting but is actually almost better than normal pancakes, not even containing any sugar! Lassi is a drink, which has a sweet taste of yogurt and milk, usually called sweet punjabi lassi. 

My dad brought some snacks on his way home today, isn’t it just the healthiest ever? It is needed though, the sick family members cannot eat anything but chips, bananas and those light stuff…

Today was the first day of my dad’s new work. He said it was intense & a lot to do, but still very fun and entertaining. Next week the school starts, that my sibling will be attending, AES- American Ambassy School. They will ride the school bus to and from school, that’s nothing they are used to do, so that will be exiting for them.

Some great news are that we will probably be able to move in to our apartment in one week from now! Mom and I will spend a lot of time to decorate it, while the others are in school or working. We sent furniture from our house in Sweden to here, which will arrive in September, but we will still need to buy a few things. Looking forward to that! 


Typical sickness when travelling: Delhi Belly

Morning everyone! I feel like I always start with a “good morning”, but I mean, it is always morning when I have been blogging, lately.

This morning was a sick morning. Not for me, but for my oldest little sister, Thea, & for our little brother Filip. They both have the same problem, stomach ache & abdominal cramps. With other words- Delhi belly. 

Delhi Belly: Noun;  “An old-fashioned informal term for the common intestinal infection suffered by travellers unaccustomed to the local bacterial contamination (usually faecal) of food or drink. The condition is by no means confined to the Indian subcontinent.”

This is very common when traveling in Asia. The symptoms are diarrhea or stomach ache, contracted from eating Indian food, sometimes even vomiting- but usually not. Staying in India for a few years, will make us immune, since this doesn’t come from eating some specific bad piece of food. It is, as mentioned, caused by not being used to the indian food culture. I mean, the food itself differs a lot compared to the swedish food.

Due to the sickness, this will be a calm and not so busy day. We probably won’t go outside the hotel, but I think I will spend my afternoon by the swimming pool. I have almost already finished reading my book, which I started yesterday. In a bit, I’ll go down to the gym, to do my workout.

I have lots of ideas for upcoming blog posts. Please don’t hesitate to comment, if you have any specific topics you’d like to read about. Bye for now!

3 photos from today

My evening outfit consisted of a shirt from Stockh LM, a pair of jeans from Replay, shoes from Novita, accessories from Marc Jacobs & Edblad and a small bag from Mulberry. I did two messy braids in my hair. It was very hot to wear jeans, in this heat, but the thing is that it is always a lot more colder in the stores and on the restaurants. It does not feel very comfortable either, wearing shorts or thin shirts- where you show a lot skin, due to their religion, here in India. At the hotel, it is another thing, and it feels totally OK to where a bit thinner clothes here. The bikini is from Pink, Victoria’s secret.


A visit to the CyberHub

Hello guys! 

This day was mainly spent by the pool. The weather was cloudy, but very hot and damp in the air. Even though clouds, with a mix of exhausts, were covering the sky- it was very light outside, you can really feel how much stronger the sun is here in India, than in Sweden.

By the pool, I swam 20 laps and then read a lot. I finished my book and got half way through another one. Reading is the best! We ate a really late lunch, at least late for us, around 3 o’clock. The heat, combined with a bit of jet lag, don’t really make us as hungry, as we usually are, that’s the reason for eating a late lunch. I ate a vegetable noodle soup with some dosa. A dosa is a sort of a healthy remake of a pancake- it mainly consists of chick peas and rice. It may not sound very inviting, but I promise it tastes so good, and looks almost exactly like a pancake!

When we have had lunch, it was too hot to stay outside any longer. The clouds had disappeared a bit, and the blue sky even showed through at some places. Our taxi picked us up at half past five, until then we relaxed a bit on the hotel rooms.

We drove to a big place, called CyberHub, where we had dinner. It is almost like a mall, but with only restaurants, such as Hard Rock café, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, lots of Indian restaurants and so on. The whole place was so fresh and modern. The different sides of India are huge! From looking at sky scrapes, to “houses” only consisting of a very few towels and plates, sheds. It is heartbreaking, seeing all these poorness, but a only a fact that shows how extremely unfair the world is.

We got home around eight. Now it is almost 10 pm, I will read a bit, write a few blog posts and then go to sleep.

Tonight the Shiva festival is starting, at 00am. There are already so much noise, music, decorations going on, outside. The streets are overloaded with people on cars, busses and richaws. Almost all the cars have huge stereos and plays extremely loud, indian music. I wonder how much sleep we will get tonight… I will keep you updated!

Good night!


Hit the gym

Morning all! 

I woke up at 7 am. My family was still asleep, by eight me and my dad went to the gym. The others were still sleeping. I did my workout for an hour. It was really great and I love to work in the gym!

I started with the cross trainer, then I did core, back, arms, turnout, insides, feet & stretched at last.

Now, we are going to the breakfast. I am so hungry! We will spend the rest of the morning by the pool, and later visit some stores.

Have a great day!